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My Guitar And Amp
22 August 2012

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Love Never Ends
19 August 2012

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In The Woods 1
12 August 2012

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Small bird in a storm
10 August 2012

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The Firemaker
6 August 2012

Recent Comments

Ruthiebear on My Guitar And Amp
Merry Christmas

Ruthiebear on My Guitar And Amp
Still missing you

ruthiebear on My Guitar And Amp
I miss your images, my friend. Hope all is well.

Ruthiebear on My Guitar And Amp
HMMM. Wonder what they are doing out there? Lovely shot. I like the way you composed it. They looked well loved and ...

Basile Pesso on My Guitar And Amp
Interesting setting of them in the woods.

Ruthiebear on From My Sister's House
A beautiful view - the rising mist makes it a bit mysterious.

Ruthiebear on Love Never Ends
I agree - I would add that God's love never ends, even though human love can. Great inspirational image.

Basile Pesso on Love Never Ends
That's true, in a way... But it happens that people that we've loved become strangers for us, or that some ...

Ruthiebear on Fly Me To The Moon...
Very stunning! You must have a superb lens to get that detail!

S.A.M on Fly Me To The Moon...

rick on Fly Me To The Moon...
Nice shot, Rick - I did a Moon one a while back; it is just so photogenic. Oh, by the way, you have my nickname!

Curly on Fly Me To The Moon...
Two very good shots of the moon, I know how difficult it is to get the exposure right for these.

Aubélia on Fly Me To The Moon...

Ruthiebear on Quarter Moon
WOW! What an amazing image.

Ruthiebear on Waiting 1
Interesting atmosphere in this image. Nice shot of the horse - love his tail.

Basile Pesso on Waiting 1
I like this overexposure a lot.

Arash on Waiting 1
Super framed!!!! Well done :-)

L'Angevine on Waiting 1
oh le pauvre,il ne voit plus

Ruthiebear on One Church, Hold The - Where's The Steeple??
What an interesting find and capture. Wonder what the story is for removing the steeple.

L'angevine on One Church, Hold The - Where's The Steeple??
donc c'est une chapelle qui a été restaurée en maison

Ruthiebear on Once Upon A Time...
I like this image. It is well composed, but I like the stories I imagine from it even more.

the rickster on Small bird in a storm
Thank-you Basile and Ruthiebear for taking time out to post such nice comments on my page...makes this page ...

the rickster on Cross in a window
A great big thank-you to everybody who takes the time to post on my page!! I always try to post the best of what I ...

the rickster on In The Woods 1
Hey , I only took the picture...the framing and light were done for me by my Higher Power...but thanx so much anyway...

the rickster on A Word About Time
Thankyou to both of you for taking the time to comment on my post. Very much appreciated.

the rickster on Once Upon A Time...
Merci...the entrance to the secret garden perhaps??

L'Angevine on Once Upon A Time...
la porte du jardin vert

Ruthiebear on A Word About Time
An inspirational image. I like the framing and the clarity.

L'Angevine on A Word About Time
ce message me plait et je compte faire de même....

Ruthiebear on In The Woods 1
WOW- the lighting is perfect! The framing and composition are excellent. What a stunning image.

Christopher on Cross in a window
love the framing and love the cross. very good photo!!!!!!!!:)

Ruthiebear on Cross in a window
A beautiful graphic. I like all of the textures in this image.

Basile Pesso on Cross in a window
Excellent framing and graphism.

Ruthiebear on Small bird in a storm
I love this image. I like the way the bird looks all puffed out and not worried at all.

Basile Pesso on Small bird in a storm
Very interesting and subtle composition.

Ruthiebear on Sunset in Ancramdale, NY
ANother beautiful scene! I love the dark bottom in contrast to the light colors in the sky.

Ruthiebear on A Visitor Arrives
That is just gorgeous. I envy you getting to even SEE let alone photograph one of these little beauties. Well done!

the rickster on A Visitor Arrives
@Sahar Thankyou... This little zoomer would fly up, drink for a second, then disappear... i was lucky to catch him ...

Sahar on A Visitor Arrives
So beautiful photo ...You are a good shoter

the rickster on Weathermakers Retreating
@Ruthiebear: Yep, right near me... I was on my way somewhere else and saw these huge cloud formations....suddenly they ...

Ruthiebear on Weathermakers Retreating
Is this near your home? What a beautiful scene. I like the framing of the trees at the bottom. It reminds me of ...

Dawn on The Firemaker
Like this that the way i feel some days. Thank for sharing

the rickster on The Firemaker
The original image was pretty strange looking, also... the man was lit only by firelight, which meant a long exposure, ...

Ruthiebear on The Firemaker
Kind of surreal looking. Interesting image.

RBL on Another Sunny Morning
Gorgeous morning view; beautiful sunrays!

the rickster on Another Sunny Morning
Hi Ruthiebear! That was what sent me back inside for my camera.... I took one look and went right back....this kind of ...

Ruthiebear on Another Sunny Morning
I love the way you captured the rays of light shining down!

the rickster on Another Sunny Morning
Thankyou Basile!! When I stepped out with my coffee and saw this scene, I went right back for my camera...

Basile Pesso on Another Sunny Morning
I love this diagonal and this light !

Ruthiebear on A puppy portrait
What an adorable portrait! My son just got a mixed breed pup - part Viszla, part SharPei.

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